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Gas Detection How-To Videos

Meet Shauna Park: Our Gas Detection Expert

Shauna Park is our resident expert on all things gas detection. Between five years with the manufacturer BW and another five selling the units here at Optimum she knows the industry inside and out.

How-To: Calibrate a BW Gas Detector

Calibration is an important step to making sure your gas detector will sound the alarm when the proper threshold is passed. You can do this in the field using a calibration kit, and it only takes a few minutes!

How-To: Change the Sensors in a BW MicroClip XT

We show you how to disassemble your Gas Detector for regular maintenance. Different gas sensors are easy to change and replace in the field as long as you follow the steps.

How-To: Bump Test a BW Gas Detector

A "Bump" test, or functional test, involves exposing a detector to a gas concentration that exceeds the units alarm set points, testing the sensors ability to respond.