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How-To: Bump Test a BW Gas Detector

How-To: Bump Test a BW Gas Detector

Transcript: A bump test is a physical verification that the sensors are responding to a set amount of gas and that your visual and audible alarms are going off as they should. You can hear and see them triggering and verify that everything is basically in operating order.

Today we are going to do a bump test on our MicroClip XT Gas Detector.

So the first step is to turn your MicroClip on. While you're waiting for the unit to turn on; you can make sure that your test cap and hoses are all attached together as they should be to your bump gas cylinder.

Now we are in operating mode, and we are going to go ahead and attach our test cap to unit. It fits in the little groves on a side and then just push down until you hear it click. Put the test cap on, pinch the hose in the middle. Fill our balloon with the gas, and then release the pinch. Watch for the unit to go into alarm.

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