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How-To: Change the Sensors in a BW MicroClip XT

How-To: Change the Sensors in a BW MicroClip XT

Transcript: Another important maintenance with the gas detectors is the replacement of sensors. Calibration, bump testing, sensor replacement, these are the things that you can do in the field, or on your own. They don't have to go back to a service center or to the manufacturer to do that regular maintenance.

A simple sensor replacement is: there are six (6) screws on the back. You just wiggle the back off, and I usually just leave it this way up so the screws don't fall out.

The next step is: you are going to see the back of the PCB board and the battery. There are two (2) screws on side of PCB board and you will want to remove those as well. Because the sensors are on the front-side of unit, it makes sense that the sensors to replace are on the front-side of PCB board. Same thing as before, two (2) little screws. Don't lose them!

So now you should have three (3) main pieces of your detector. This is where your screws are most likely going to fall out so put hand underneath them (1:20-1:24). And then there is this little blue unit, this is your audible alarm (1:30) and it just sits in this little area between the oxygen sensor and the battery. Just make sure that it gets back, as it only fits one way. This is your center filter screen, these are also replaceable. It is really simple for you to replace, they just go between the sensors and the filter unit, and then you have four (4) sensors. The big round one is your oxygen sensor.

One other thing to note is PCB board is marked with the sensor so it will tell you where the H2S, CO, LEL and O2 sensors go. Just slide it back in the side.

And then you reassemble. Put your PCB board face down again, if you took it out, your little blue sensor with gold contacts on the bottom need to go back in. Put your screws back in the hole, and the hole is actually labeled screw on the PCB board (just in case). However they are very tiny letters so you might need a magnifying glass to see them. Tighten them down, try not to over tighten them, or you will just strip the plastic. Put your back cover back on and tighten all six (6) screws.

And that is it. That is how you replace sensors in your MicroClip XT. Most of the units, as far as sensors replacement goes are pretty much the same procedure, the sensors may look differently but there is only one way they ever fit in. You can't put them in backward or upside down or in the wrong hole. They only fit one way in in all of the gas detectors.

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